LEA Place Women's Resource Centre


LEA Place Women's Resource Centre provides direct services and programs for women and girls, works with our local services partners to respond to emerging issues, and work for change to create equity and equality for women, their families and communities.  We serve rural communities with unique challenges that benefit from the gender-based and rural lenses that inform our work.

Our services respond to the issues women and girls in our communities face.  Our activities are rooted in a feminist analysis informed by an intersectional, non-oppressive, and trauma informed approach.  

Women and adolescent girls are at the centre of our work.

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday: 9:00am-4:30pm

Main Phone Line: (902) 885-2668
Support Worker's Direct Line: (902) 885-5286

To ensure you are able to connect with our Support Worker, we request that you call ahead and book an appointment (902) 885-2668.  Thank you